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South Gloucestershire 50MW Battery Energy Storage System receives consent

Anglo Renewables Ltd has received consent for a 50MW Battery Energy Storage Site (BESS) in South Gloucestershire.

This BESS will assist South Gloucestershire Council in achieving their climate change strategy targets to reduce absolute CO2 emissions by 50% by 2035 from a 2014 baseline and for locally based renewables to provide 6% of local energy demand by 2028 leading to a target of 25% by 2036.

Anglo Renewables' Managing Director, James Stone, said, "Anglo are really pleased to receive planning consent for our third battery energy storage site. This year has seen extreme weather events which cannot have happened without climate change. South Gloucestershire Council is being proactive in supporting and consenting projects which help the UK achieve our goal of Net Zero. We look forward to seeing the project delivered and the benefits realised."


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