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Solar panels on a solar development diversification project



Anglo Renewables are working at the forefront of the UK’s transition to a greener, low carbon economy through identifying and developing solar sites across the country. We are supporting the country’s legislated target of reaching Net Zero by 2050 and the global movement to tackle climate change.

Government policy and white papers cite large-scale solar PV (photovoltaic) and Energy Storage as playing a significant role in the UK’s response to both the climate and biodiversity emergencies by supporting healthy ecosystems, whilst avoiding the emissions from fossil fuel burning power stations.

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With extensive experience in farm, estate and renewables asset management, we understand that your land is a significant financial asset. As such, we work closely with landowners through all stages of the development process to unlock your land's latent  earning potential.

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Our in-house team has over 70 years' combined experience and skills in all areas of the solar development cycle, meaning that we can provide a professional service to any landowner seeking to develop new sources of income.

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At Anglo Renewables, we have a proven track record in the UK Solar PV sector, with direct involvement in over 2 gigawatts of UK energy projects.



Greystoke is a UK investment business specialising in land use planning. We finance and manage the planning process in return for a share of the enhanced land value.


Greystoke works with landowners, developers and institutions on a collaborative basis and is delighted to be a partner of Anglo Renewables. 

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