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Anglo Renewables is developing utility-scale battery storage projects which have a vital role to play in the UK energy system. Energy Storage provides an answer to one of the biggest challenges faced by renewable energy in displacing traditional fossil fuel energy sources, the intermittent nature of such technologies.

Reliability of supply required cannot be met with renewable alone as solar panels only produce power during daylight hours and wind turbines only produce energy when the wind is blowing. Energy storage offers a way to capture clean energy when it is not in demand and balance energy generation for times of high demand.

For renewable energy sources to replace polluting fossil fuel energy sources and look to provide up to 100% of the UK energy needs, the energy network requires the significant deployment of energy storage technologies to balance the grid, moving energy from times of excess to times of high demand.

This is echoed by National Grid who highlight energy storage as a key growth area and estimates that as much as 30GW installed capacity could be required by 2050.

Recent years have seen significant falls in the cost of batteries technologies so that large scale battery projects are already financially viable in the UK and being deployed. Anglo Renewables is developing projects to help drive the change required to meet Net Zero.

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