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Consent received for two 50MW battery storage in South Staffordshire

Anglo Renewables Ltd has received consent for two 50MW Battery Energy Storage Sites (BESS) in South Staffordshire.

Having declared a climate emergency in 2019, South Staffordshire Council has progressed with a new council plan which encourages renewable projects. BESS, such as this one, are essential to the UK's green energy transition and to achieving the ambitious target of achieving Net Zero by 2050, and they form part of the vital infrastructure needed to replace fossil fuels and achieve energy security.

"The consent of these two 50MW sites is great news for the UK’s drive towards net zero. The projects will help South Staffordshire tackle the climate emergency and energy security. Critically, when these batteries charge, they will do so by harnessing excess power from the network when wind and solar projects are generating a surplus. Thus, allowing greater volumes of renewable energy to be deployed and used." - James Stone (Managing Director)


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